Getting the right San Francisco CPA

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To hire a San Francisco CPA for your business is not just a simple matter of finding an individual who is good at calculating figures and getting maximum returns when time to file tax returns comes. A certified public accountant in San Francisco, as well as any other part of the world, is expected to do even more. Below are the top tips to guide business owners when hiring a CPA.Accountancy 01

Get referrals

You can get some names from the professional associations or get referrals from colleagues and friends who had previously worked with reputable CPAs. This will grant you a perfect guide on where to begin your search. Begin by listing potential candidates for this job.

Define your reasons as well as your aims for hiring a certified public accountant

Be crystal clear about the reasons why you need a CPA. Do you need an accountant to analyze your company’s financial situations and advice on the long range planning or is it purposely for filing tax returns? It is advisable to know precisely what you want before you hire an accountant so as to know if you are searching for a CPA who is able to handle several issues or someone who specializes in one area. Having much clearer reasons as well as goals will make your search for the right accountant much easier from the start.

Accountancy 03Get licensed candidates

There are different fields of accounting. Services offered in these fields also vary depending on an accountant’s qualifications. You want to work with a professional who has the right kind of education for your business needs.

What’s your experience with the IRS?

Be sure to ask the above question. More often than not, people will advise you to hire a CPA and not an EA (enrolled agent). This is because certified public accountants have comprehensive certification requirements. While certified public accountants are certified by the state and are trained in financial matters as well as bookkeeping, enrolled agents, on the other hand, are specifically certified by the federal government to handle taxes. They are normally former IRS agents who are vastly experienced in auditing.
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While hiring a San Francisco CPA, you want someone who can help save your business’ money as well avoid trouble with IRIS. You also want an accountant who can give useful advice to your business. The best accountant will do more than simply figuring out the numbers. The best CPA should be able to communicate what the numbers mean. The only way to hire such a CPA is by sticking to the above-discussed tips.