Consulting for Start-ups: A Great Chance to Make Some Good Money


It is easy for big companies; they can have a team of experts to consult on what is the best business move.

Tips to follow

Customer role

Treat your party as a customer, not a client. The term client means that the consultant is in charge while the customer knows the best. This will help you to build more confidence in our customer.


Always be available for your customer during the working hours. Whether it is by email or by phone, your customers will appreciate ifgvc3e45r52t62yw4er252t6 you understand them and if you are there when they need you.

Freelance role

Because the markets are constantly changing, the companies are not hiring for lifetime commitments anymore. You should change from the traditional consulting role to the fresh, freelancer role, which gives you an opportunity to work with multiple customers at the same time.


The smart move is to start accepting agreements based on the projects instead an hourly rate. This gives you freedom to manage your time as you like it, and your work too.

Work on all levels

The consulting role is not connected with the realm of directors and leaders. Accept the offer from lower ranks in the business hierarchy and you will see how your experience and your profit are rising.


Recommendations are not results. If you want your customer to be satisfied and your business to bloom, then you should deliver real results such as training, customized creations and implementation. gv43er52t62y7wu882aWe are living in the age of computers, and anyone can do their little research to find the needed information. Instead of this, give your customers the results that they could not get without you.

Small businesses can not afford a team of experts or regular consultant as big companies can. The threat these people like your customers, try to understand their wishes and needs. Always response to their demands and questions. Shift yourself to a freelancer role, which can bring your more customers and more profit. Don’t focus only on the executive board of directors, instead, do your job with anyone that needs it, without paying attention to their rank. If you want to be great at consulting for start-ups, then tend to deliver results instead of recommendations.

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