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    Quality Control
    Continuous improvement

    The development of more than ten years, Huacheng pipe company now has a set of complete, standardized quality control management system and quality program. The establishment of quality system internal audit team, through the strengthening of the usual supervision and inspection to continue to standardize the management of the company, meet the company's continuous improvement. The company has established the quality control procedures of the main production process, from the quality system and quality control to ensure the long-term stable development of Huacheng product quality.

    Quality assurance department detection center equipped with direct reading spectrometer (Germany), impact test machine, universal material testing machine, optical microscope, hardness tester, infrared spectroscopy steel analyzer and other modern testing equipment. The ultrasonic flaw detector has 4 eddy current flaw detector and four channels, six channels at the same time each 1.

    German LOI atmosphere international first-class is tempering furnace and protective atmosphere bright normalizing furnace on heat treatment temperature precise automatic control ability, to provide a strong guarantee, laid the foundation for the build quality steel production base for the intrinsic quality of Huacheng products.

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