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    Company News

    Development History

    Reformed Shareholding System and renamed as Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Pipe Making Corporation
    Set up Research & Development Centre
    Started High Alloy Project
    March 2006:
    Set up Zhangjiagang City Huacheng Special Shape Tube Co.,Ltd.
    October 2005:
    Set up Zhangjiagang Huacheng Suns Speciality Pipe-Making Co.,Ltd.
    August 2004:
    Set up Zhangjiagang Huacheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
    April 2004:
    Set up Zhangjiagang Salem Fine Tubing Co.,Ltd.
    September 2003:
    Set up Yangzhong Haina Tube Making Co.,Ltd.
    October 2003:
    Upgraded and renamed as Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
    October 1997:
    Huacheng's founder, Mr.Yanjiabin purchased Zhangjiagang No.2 Seamless Steel Tube Mill that was founded in 1987 set up Zhangjiagang City Huacheng Steel Product Co.,Ltd.
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